Bring the Joy


It’s been a blessedly smooth Ramadhan here. 3 of us are fasting and the rhythms of eating before dawn, praying Fajr and all the other 4 prayers, reading Qur’an and setting up the iftar table with bowls of sticky dates, dark shiny cherries, and juicy red grapes, before sharing the evening meal, have become like second nature.

It has been a peaceful month so far, a convivial one, and not that hard considering the weather and school runs and working full time. We have been blessed to have guests over to open the fast with us on 4 occasions: each has been very special in its own way.

And this is what prompted me to write: I get the feeling that this Ramadhan has been quieter than other Ramadhans and that there has been less breaking bread in community than usual. Although over-indulging in social eating is not what the blessed month is about, we should be careful not to go to the other extreme. Remember that there is reward in feeding a fasting person. Remember that there is reward in hosting. Remember that there is joy and inspiration in good company. Remember that every kind invitation, every happy occasion, every smile, every morsel of food that we share builds closer bonds of sisterhood, has a positive effect on us and our children and creates memories that bring a community together.

If you haven’t invited anyone over this Ramadhan, or if you have not been invited yourself, resolve to have someone over, even if it’s just one sister, one family, potluck or a pasta bake. Make the right intention and see if Allah doesn’t bless you for it. We’re only here for a short time; bring the joy wherever and whenever you can.

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