My Butterfly Life


Asalaamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu,
When I was working on the design on my new website, the designer asked me to consider ideas for a logo, an image that would communicate something important about who I am and what I stand for. After some thought, I decided on the perfect symbol: a butterfly.

A butterfly begins life as a humble, unremarkable crawling caterpillar, as green as the leaves it eats. There is no lightness here, no grace, just a steady inching towards the next meal. This caterpillar bears no resemblance to the thing of beauty that it will one day become. It goes about its day to day business with a mundane sense of purpose: to survive is its aim; to live to see another day.

And then something amazing, something wonderful – something miraculous – occurs. This little caterpillar, this little grub that bears none of the hallmarks of genius, starts to build a cocoon around itself. It encloses itself, shuts itself off from the outside world in order to allow its life-changing transformation to take place. Metamorphosis is private and powerful thing.

And when it emerges? Well, when it emerges, it is one of the most beautiful, one of the most graceful, most enchanting creatures on Allah (SWT)’s earth. A butterfly, dainty as lace, emblazoned with jewel-like colour, the sight of which lifts the spirit and gladdens the heart. From a humble caterpillar, through the process of metamorphosis, an exquisite butterfly is born, masha Allah.

So, why the symbol of the butterfly on my website? It is the symbolism of growth, rebirth, beauty and grace that inspires me. It is what inspires all my work: it is what informs my Islam and the SISTERS ethos and my writing. It is a powerful message of hope and optimism, rooted in the nature that Allah SWT created for us. It is also a metaphor for my journey to Islam, for every journey from darkness into light, the mundane into the transcendent; the worldly into the spiritual.

We are all in a process of growth and change. We are all striving to better ourselves, to find our true nature, to live up to the best of what we have to offer and achieve our potential. May we do this with sincere hearts, mindful of Allah SWT’s rights, with humility, grace and optimism.

And may we one day soar like butterflies on vivid, painted wings, gladdening the hearts and reminding those around of the beauty and wonder of this God-given thing called life.

Na’ima B. Robert

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