Who is Na’ima B. Robert?

I am Na’ima bint Robert, born in Leeds to South Africans in exile. I am descended from Zulu warriors on my mother’s side and Scottish highlanders on my father’s side.

I grew up in Zimbabwe and went to university in East London at Queen Mary and Westfield College. While in my first year, I went to Egypt for a festival and was introduced to Islam. I accepted Islam the following year and thus began the greatest adventure of my life!

I have now been Muslim for over 18 years, married for 17 years, have 5 children and have published 19 books of poetry and prose for children, young adults and adults.

In my years as a Muslim, I have been a wife, mother, niqabi, teacher, writer, speaker, advocate, and publisher, alhamdulillah. Last year, when I lost my beloved husband (may Allah have mercy on him), I became a widow and a poet, too. Alhamdulillah ala kulli haal, I am grateful for the journey.
And the journey continues…