Ramadhan Reflections



A little conversation with myself, days before the new moon is sighted.

Are you ready, my dear, are you ready? Have you made your plans, set your goals, cleared your to-do list and made du’a for the blessings to come? Have your set your mind and heart on earning Allah’s pleasure during these blessed days? Have you set your daily routine to ‘ibadah mode: Qur’an, dhikr, good speech, good deeds, good thoughts, love, awareness, tranquility, patience and determination?

Did you know that you can be serene and strive at the same time? Did you know that you can aim high without getting anxious? Know that you are rewarded for your lofty ambitions, your high hopes and the goals you set for yourself in this blessed month so don’t be afraid to aim high. But also know that it is important to pace yourself, nourish yourself and care for yourself so that you can keep up your strength.

I know that you will strive, insha Allah. I know that you will strive to keep the Pleasure of Allah firmly fixed in your mind. I know that you will strive to call on Him, insha Allah, standing, sitting and lying on your side, asking for His Forgiveness, asking for His Mercy, asking for His Bounty.

I also know that you will strive to cut off unnecessary distractions, unnecessary social obligations, unnecessary acts of busyness and aim for a month of stillness, of reflection, of self-improvement.

Because this is the month of renewal, of rejuvenation, of cleansing. This is the month of yearning for Allah ta’ala. This is the month of cherishing His Book: tilawah, qira’ah, hifdh.┬áThis is the month of the heart’s seclusion from the dunyah.┬áThis is the month of returning to your purpose, pure and untainted. You know why you were created. You know why you were put on this earth. You know what you want your destination to be.

So strive, my dear, strive to fulfill your obligations with a renewed and pure intention. Remember your ultimate goal as you feed your family and those who are fasting around you, as you care for your children, as you love your husband, as you smile at strangers, as you press your forehead to the floor and utter words only your Lord can hear.

Strive, my dear, and don’t give up. This month is too precious to waste it on things will not benefit. Strive to make the most of every day, every night, every hour, every minute, every second of the blessed days to come.

With love, salaam, and high hopes

Na’ima B.

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