I had so many plans,
You knew them all
But you let me plan anyway.

I had plans for family iftars
Ramadhan memories
Spiritual evenings
And taraweeh nights

Instead he is ill now,
Far too weak to fast
While the baby won’t sleep
And the middle one keeps crying

I fly and I flutter
Between kitchen
And sick bed
As i feel the germ of a cough
Tickling my throat.

My strength is depleted,
My patience near spent
And waking for suhoor
Looks unlikely at best.

This wasn’t what I had planned
For the second day of fasting

But, in a lucid moment,
My soul slips over
My heart finds a shelter,
A smile strokes my face.

Could it be
That there is more reward here
In the midst of adversity
Than there is
In the shelter
Of perfect-laid plans?

Something to think on.
Something to ponder,
That unplanned disasters
Are part of His Plan.

I soldier on.
Tomorrow is another day,

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